Two hour Birthday parties

You provide the food & party bags, I do the rest!

I provide a very popular two hour party so the children are entertained from the moment they arrive until the parents collect at the end. Stress free for you and brilliant fun for the children!

jolly dolly juggling

I arrive about fifteen minutes before the start of the party to set up and answer any last minute questions. I begin with a mini disco and games and provide all the prizes and equipment.No need to worry about providing name labels. My aim is to learn all the childrens' names! 


I do lots of songs with actions such as Ymca, Fast Food Rockers, Ketchup Song, Hokey Cokey etc. I also play my very own special version of 'bumps' and 'statues' where all the children join in together and no one is 'out' I dance and join in the fun with the children. Why should they have all the fun! 

Once all the children have arrived and I have worn them out with lots of dancing and games, I sit them down for my comedy magic show. The emphasis is on fun, laughter and slapstick comedy with lots of audience participation. I tailor the magic to suit the age of the children and the Birthday child comes up to help at every available opportunity. I do balloon modelling, juggling and have the childrens' favourite puppet, Rocky Raccoon! 

After the magic show the children break for tea/lunch during which I do Balloon Modelling. I make hats, wings, flowers etc mainly for the birthday child and a few for prizes too. I join in singing 'Happy Birthday' and then the fun begins again!

I play sleeping lions and do lots of silly noises to make the children giggle but in the end all the children win. I also do a 'pass the teddy' forfeit game and then finish on a high with some more dancing and games.

The children have a great time and thoughout the party no child is made 'out' and left bored and upset on the sideline!  

I am happy to entertain up to around 40 children at a birthday party.

Having a smaller crowd at home?

Planning a party for a small crowd at home? Shorter versions of my parties may be available ie,  short notice, local, weekdays and school holidays. Please call to discuss or email me the details for a quote. 


Weekdays and school holidays 

I can be a lot more flexible on a weekday and offer shows and parties lasting 1hour, 75 & 90 minutes, and the full two hour party. 

One hour magic show for schools and nurseries

I provide a one hour comedy magic show, which includes lots of slapstick, silliness and audience participation. There's magic, balloon modelling and my puppet, Rocky Raccoon. Guaranteed to make your occasion truly memorable! This works well with large groups of up to around 200 children.

Christmas and end of summer term are always in great demand so book early! 

jolly dolly with baloons 

Best childrens' entertainer in Dorset!