Tips for party success

Having entertained children for over ten years I would like to share my tips for a stress free and successful party.

Most importantly, if you plan to book a specific entertainer, call first to check availability. Then book the hall! It is usually easier to match a hall to your entertainer rather than find an entertainer who is free when you have your hall booked. NEVER send out invitations until you have both entertainer and venue arranged! 

Remember, the earlier that you book the easier it will be! Three months notice and you should have the pick of the entertainers and halls, two weeks and the choice will be very limited!

Hall Hire

If you are planning to hire a hall, there are numerous contact numbers on my 'Hall hire' page.
Even with 30 children, a hall does not need to be too big. It's one of the times when smaller is better! It's much easier to entertain children and keep their attention in a smaller hall.
However, most homes can cope with parties of 15-20 children without any problem. My equipment is compact, I don't make a mess and the children can picnic on the floor.  

If you hire a hall, call them to reconfirm in the week precceeding the party and clarify whether you have to collect the key. 


It is always best to plan a party around a meal time so that at least the children are hungry when the party food is produced! So consider an 11.00am or 11.30am start for a lunch time party or around 3.00pm for a tea time party. Where possible plan a lunchtime party for the younger childen as it's best to have the party before they become overtired and overexcited! 



There is a downloadable party invitation on my website which prints 2 copies per A4 sheet. Please feel free to use it or one of your own. I recommend sending out invitations 4-6 weeks prior to the party. When planning your party it is a good idea to check the class list for any other birthdays around the same time. The last thing you want to do is have the hall and entertainer booked and then discover your party clashes with another classmates.

In theory, it's your party and you should be able to invite whoever your child would like to attend. However, I would suggest that it's probably kinder to invite the whole class, where possible. If you have a hall and entertainer a few extra children will make hardly any difference. Otherwise it is probably advisable to invite 15-20. 


My Top Tips

Do as much as possible the day before the party, especially for lunchtime parties. Even load the car with everything that can go in the night before.

To get the best out of your entertainer it is best to keep distractions to a minimum. Therefore I suggest: 

- Toddlers should be supervised, especially during the magic show. If they are too little to enjoy the show, it is better to take them out for a little walk rather than give them balloons and toys which can distract the children who are engrossed in the magic show,

- Food and drink kept to party tea/lunch time. 

- Limit older siblings friends, especially for the younger children's parties. 

- If you place noisy novelties on the tea table the children will obviously want to blow them! Loud and a lot! We'll need paracetamol and the food won't get eaten!

-During the magic show, any adult guests need to keep quiet. If there is lots of chatter the children find it difficult to concentrate on the entertainment. As far as most children are concerned, it's better if parents 'drop and go'! But don't worry about this too much as any seasoned children's entertainer will have a polite and witty way of getting the grownups to join in and behave! 


Balloons are party essentials but can be a huge distraction and temptation to the children. Balloons are best as decorations and not spread over the floor. Also some small children are terrified of popping balloons. Helium balloons look very attractive. However they are also best kept out of children's reach. I have witnessed a beautiful display of helium balloons decimated by a few early arrivals in the short time it takes me to set up!  If you tie them to the chairs at the party table children will want to play with them and some will inevitably end up on the ceiling.  Perhaps place a balloon on birthday child's chair but keep the rest out of reach. 

Summer parties 

The entertaiment is usually better suited to indoors for the comfort and safety of the children and myself. Remember you have no control over wasps, weather and your neighbours lawnmower! If the weather looks uncertain it is preferable to set up indoors rather than try and move all the equipment and children inside in a hurry, if it rains. This has happened to me on a few occasions and the party lost momentum at this point.

Sometimes, however, on a very hot day, a shady garden can be preferable. Gazebos do not generally provide sufficient shade and are unbearable on a hot and sunny day (think ant under magnifying glass!).  The same principle applies to conservatories.jolly dolly scarfs

Doing a party in a sunny conservatory is the same as doing a party in a greenhouse! If the children are hot, uncomfortable and in the sun they will struggle to concentrate on the entertainment.

Party day check list

Balloons and pump.
String, Ribbon ot sellotape to fix balloons and decorations.
Rubbish bags (including one to store the birthday gifts)
Tea & coffee for parents.
Candles and lighter/matches
Pen & paper to take departing parent's mobile numbers. 
Party Bags
Wet Wipes and kitchen roll  (messy fingers and 'accidents'!) 
Payment for entertainer/hall

For further information please call 07855 768986

Please listen to any advice your entertainer gives you! We love entertaining children and just want to do the best job we can but sometimes circumstances conspire against us!